• The ISC experiment in the spotlight - September 2016
  • Foreseen Trift Dam will benefit from FLEXSTOR - March 2016
  • First results of damage tests on brick walls - August 2016
  • Successful first SCCER-SoE / NRP 70 PhD School - October 2015
  • First boreholes for the ISC Project at the Grimsel rock laboratory are drilled - October 2015
  • The Alps without glaciers: new helicopter ice penetration radar system successfully tested - April 2015
  • Construction of a new sediment transport measurement system in the Albula river by WSL - March 2015

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The ISC experiment in the spotlight
On 7 September 2016, the SCCER-SoE invited journalists for a visit to the Grimsel rock laboratory to explore the experiment „In-Situ Stimulation and Circulation (ISC)“ lead by Dr. Florian Amann. Learn more about the journalists‘ impressions and the project in the following TV reports, newspaper articles, and radio shows:

First results of damage tests on brick walls
The team of the SCCER-SoE task 4.1 entered a new field of research. In collaboration with the Chair of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering at ETH Zurich it completed the first phase of a test to investigate the probability of non-structural / cosmetic damage (i.e. cracks) on brick walls in case of induced earthquakes. Whereas similar studies mostly focus on the impacts of strong natural earthquakes and on preventing buildings from collapsing, induced earthquakes are usually smaller but of interest for operators, insurances, and homeowners. Preliminary observations of the test indicate that magnitudes above 3.8 cause non-structural damage to the wall specimens. The second phase of the project will consist in testing ten additional wall samples and in extracting empirical vulnerability functions. To get a better impression of the test, look at some pictures and watch a video, or read the project description in the last SCCER-SoE newsletter in German or French. August 2016

#3 SCCER-SoE Blog
Our third blog post is online now! Prof. Dr. Anton J. Schleiss from EPF Lausanne answers the question „Does Switzerland need more dams and reservoirs?“ and explains how this need could be fulfilled. The post is available in English, German, and French. Feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter & Co. and to recommend our blog to interested people. August 2016

New grants and assistant professors
The SCCER-SoE proudly announces that Matteo Lupi received an Assistant Professor Energy Grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Ueli Angst was awarded with a SNSF professorship, and Daniel Farinotti was appointed as Tenure Track Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich. Matteo Lupi’s new project is called GENERATE (GEophysical and Numerical Experiments for Reservoir Analysis and fluid-Transported Energy). Starting in January 2017, Ueli Angst will lead the group Durability of Engineering Materials at the Institute of Building Materials at ETH Zurich. Daniel Farinotti will be the head of a glaciology group at the WSL and the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW) at ETH Zurich. August 2016

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European Geothermal Congress 2016 (EGC) in Strasbourg (France).

HYDRO 2016 Exhibition and Conference "achievements, opportunities and challenges" in Montreux.

SCCER-SoE / NRP 70 PhD School 2016 in Leukerbad. Understanding the transition needed to reach the Energy Strategy 2050. Registration open until 30 September 2016.

13th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-13) at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne.

14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting in Geneva with the symposia "Development and governance of geo-energies: Insights from the social sciences" and "Subsurface Geology & Geo-Energy".

International Workshop on "Advances in Laboratory Testing and Modelling of Soils and Shales" in the Swiss Alps, organized by the EPFL.

Schatzalp Workshop on Induced Seismicity in Davos, organized by the Swiss Seismological Service

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