Joint Activity Scenarios & Modeling (JA-S&M, Task 4.4)

The Joint Activity Scenarios & Modeling (JA-S&M) will provide a set of robust scenarios for the realization of the Energy Strategy 2050. The modeling groups of the 8 Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCER) will work together and bring in their respective experience in the field of electricity generation technologies, buildings, mobility, industry, grids, biomass, storage and economy.

The JA-S&M will establish an SCCER-wide modeling environment, with a common data structure, coherent assumptions on technology characteristics and other exogeneous variables (e.g. efficiency gains), and the ability to harness the joint power of different modeling approaches, platforms and codes.

The modeling approaches and results will be benchmarked against those by industry and private consultants. The JA-S&M will issue periodic reports, authoritative evaluations and policy recommendations, including future updates of the national energy perspectives.