A new small HP plant that will be installed/built in the coming 2 to 3 years will be selected to provide a comprehensive set of research carried out by SCCER SoE partners (and if possible SCCER Furies and SCCER Crest). Thanks to a concurrent approach, this demontrator will show the ability of a small hydropower station to produce clean, sustainable and renewable energy while producing ancillary services.

Using the results from WP2 and WP3, several topics will be addressed such as:

  • the now-casting and seasonal forecasts of discharge to the water intake as a basis for sediment management and for a flexible power production scheme;
  • a critical review of the implemented operation practice, in view of efficiency improvements considering multi-sectorial objectives;
  • a technical optimisation of the hydro electrical equipment operating conditions allowing a flexible control and set up of a predictive maintenance;
  • investigation of the ecosystem functioning (metabolism, food web), fish migration and biodiversity;
  • assessment of the new regulation for small hydropower plant and the possible financial models.

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Partners: HES-SO, all participants to WP2



What future for small hydropower in Switzerland? Blog article by Cécile Münch-Alligné. Available in English, German and French.


Small hydropower and happy fish? Blog article by Philipp Meier and Katharina Lange. Available in English, German and French.