Science Report 2016

123 posters were presented and discussed at the SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2016, covering all aspects of the scientific portfolio of the SCCER-SoE. These posters are compiled in this volume of the Science Report and presented according to the work packages and tasks to which they are associated.



Task 1.1 Reservoir exploration, assessment & characterization, 16 posters

Task 1.2 Reservoir Modelling and Validation, 19 posters

Task 1.3 Pilot and demonstration projects for reservoir creation, 4 posters

Task 1.4 Data infrastructure, 1 poster


Task 2.1 Morphoclimatic controls on future hydropower production, 10 posters

Task 2.2 Socio-economic drivers of future hydropower production, 2 posters

Task 2.3 Hydropower infrastructure adaptation to requirements of future operating conditions, 21 posters

Task 2.4 Environmental impacts of future hydropower operating conditions, 6 posters

Task 2.5 Integrated simulation of hydropower systems operation, 1 poster


Task 3.1 Geo-energy technologies, 6 posters

Task 3.2 Hydropower technologies, 15 posters


Task 4.1 Risk, Safety and Societal Acceptance, 14 posters

Task 4.2 Global observatory of electricity resources, 5 posters

Task 4.3 Modeling Facility: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation in Hydro and Geo Sciences, 2 posters


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