SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2018

Hydropower and Geo-Energy in Switzerland: Challenges and Perspectives

13 & 14 September 2018 in Horw (LU), Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

The SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2018 presented insights into our research highlights, put a strong emphasis on the project posters, and offered many opportunities for personal exchange. At this year’s conference we introduced parallel sessions and two new formats: poster pitches as well as knowledge and technology transfer talks for stakeholders.



All posters are collected in the SCCER-SoE Science Report 2018.

The top three posters made by PhD students and awarded by a committee are:

DuoTurbo: First Product and Pilot Test Sites

DuoTurbo: First Product and Pilot Test Sites

Daniel Biner, Laurent Rapillard, Loïc Andolfatto, Vlad Hasmatuchi, Shadya Martignoni, François Avellan, Cécile Münch-Alligné

Mapping the landscape of participation in Geneva

Mapping the landscape of participation in Geneva

Franziska Ruef, Michael Stauffacher, Olivier Ejderyan

In-situ characterization of fluid flow In an EGS analog reservoir

In-situ characterization of fluid flow In an EGS analog reservoir

Bernard Brixel,  Maria Klepikova, Mohammadreza Jalali, Clément Roques, Simon Loew

Presentations on Thursday

Session 1

Highlights of the Geo-energy activities (PDF, 3.3 MB, low resolution)
L. Laloui, EPFL

Research and innovation in the hydropower domain (PDF, 2.6 MB, low resolution)
R. Boes, ETHZ

Computational Energy Innovation (PDF, 3.4 MB, low resolution)
R. Krause, USI

Innovation Agenda (PDF, 2.2 MB, low resolution)
C. Münch-Alligné, HES-SO

Future Supply of Electricity - Highlights, Impacts and Outlook (PDF, 2 MB, low resolution)
P. Burgherr, PSI


Session 2a

Recherche et innovation dans les infrastructures hydroélectriques périglaciaires (PDF, 0.4 MB, low resolution)
P. Manso, EPFL

Einfluss des Klimawandels auf die Wasserkraftproduktion: Wie ist es in den Wintermonaten? (PDF, 0.8 MB, low resolution)
M. Stähli, WSL

Gletscherbett- und Eisdickenbestimmung in den Schweizer Alpen (PDF, 2.9 MB, low resolution)
M. Grab, ETHZ

Impacts of climate change on reservoir sedimentation in the periglacial environment (PDF, 0.7 MB, low resolution)
D. Ehrbar, Basler & Hofmann AG

Wasserkraftpotential in den (vergletscherten) Schweizer Alpen (PDF, 1.3 MB, low resolution)
R. Boes, ETHZ

Rückzug des Triftgletschers - Chance für einen neuen Speichersee (PDF, 3.5 MB, low resolution)
B. Schwegler, KWO

Projet Oberaletsch (PDF, 3.4 MB, low resolution)
G. Micoulet, Alpiq


Session 2c

The Nov. 2017 Pohang (South Korea) earthquake of magnitude 5.5: An anthropogenic event with implications for Switzerland? (PDF, 09 MB, low resolution)
S. Wiemer, ETHZ

Key factors of future wholesale electricity prices in Switzerland (PDF, 1 MB, low resolution)
M. Densing, PSI

Techno-economic & environmental evaluation of batteries: technologies & applications (PDF, 1.5 MB, low resolution)
Ch. Bauer, PSI

Swiss electricity mix 2035: bridging energy modelling and public references (PDF, 1.4 MB, low resolution)
E. Trutnevyte, UniGe

Joint Activity Scenarios & Modelling (PDF, 1.6 MB, low resolution)
G. Guidati, ETHZ

First results from the "Joint activity integrated development processes" (PDF, 0.5 MB, low resolution)
O. Ejderyan, ETHZ

Are hydraulic pressure vessels subject to fatigue and crack propagation? (PDF, 0.8 MB, low resolution)
S. Rey-Mermet, HES-SO

Recent advances in numerical predictions for off-design conditions in hydraulic turbomachines? (PDF, 1 MB, low resolution)
D. Roos-Launchbury, HSLU

Towards Multiscale Numerical Simulations of Pelton Turbine Erosion (PDF, 0.9 MB, low resolution)
S. Leguizamón, EPFL

Recent advances in numerical predictions for off-design conditions in hydraulic turbomachines? (PDF, 6.8 MB, low resolution)
P. Zulian, USI

Presentations on Friday

Session 3a

The worldwide hydropower potential of periglacial environments (PDF, 2 MB, low resolution)
D. Farinotti, WSL

Measuring and modeling subglacial sediment transport in the Swiss Alps (PDF, 10.2 MB, low resolution)
I. Delaney, ETHZ

Orifices as throttle for surge tank adaptions during a refurbishment by increase of installed capacity (PDF, 1.8 MB, low resolution)
N. Adam, Alpiq

Bottom outlet hydraulics (PDF, 1.7 MB, low resolution)
B. Hohermuth, ETHZ

Venting of turbidity currents against reservoir sedimentation (PDF, 1.8 MB, low resolution)
S. Chamoun, Hydro Operation International

Sediment replenishment at the Sarine river (PDF, 2.9 MB, low resolution)
S. Stähly, EPFL

Riverbed and surface composition adjustments in a gravel bed river subject to repeated sediment bypass tunnel (PDF, 8.3 MB, low resolution)
A. Siviglia, ETHZ

Small-scale hydropower plants in Alpine streams - studying ecological effects across different scales (PDF, 0.8 MB, low resolution)
Ch. Weber, Eawag

Multi-objective optimal operation of Alpine hydropower systems (PDF, 2.8 MB, low resolution)
P. Burlando, ETHZ

Simulation of high-resolution gridded climate variables for present and future climates (PDF, 1.3 MB, low resolution)
N. Peleg, ETHZ


Session 3b

Characterization of fractured rocks based on seismic measurements and geophysical borehole logs (PDF, 1.6 MB, low resolution)
K. Holliger, UniL

Numerical models for the design of hydraulic stimulation (PDF, 1.6 MB, low resolution)
B. Lecampion

SCCER international collaboration - the example of supercritical (and other) geothermal resources in Iceland (PDF, 1.1 MB, low resolution)
Th. Driesner, ETHZ

Mechanical response of Opalinus Clay during CO2 injection (PDF, 0.7 MB, low resolution)
A. Minardi, EPFL

Thermo-hydraulic well testing for characterization and management for heat storage projects (PDF, 4.5 MB, low resolution)
R. Sohrabi, UniNE

Reservoir stimulation's effect on depletion-induced seismicity (PDF, 0.7 MB, low resolution)
B. Fryer, EPFL

How can the borehole three-dimensional discplacement data help improving in-situ stress estimation across a fault reactivated by fluid injections? (PDF, 0.8 MB, low resolution)
M. Kakurina, UniNE

On the anisotropy of mechanical properties in Grimsel granite (PDF, 6.2 MB, low resolution)
M. Nejati, ETHZ

Fracture growth and comparison to analytical solution for an in-situ hydraulic fracturing (HF) experiment (PDF, 0.9 MB, low resolution)
N. Dutler, UniNE

Complex interplay between hydraulic shearing and hydraulic fracturing during in-situ stimulations (PDF, 1.8 MB, low resolution)
H. Krietsch, ETHZ


Session 4

Grimsel In-situ Stimulation Project: What we can learn from scaled experiments / Bedretto Deep Underground Lab: Status of the implementation and planned experiments (PDF, 3.2 MB, low resolution)
J. Doetsch / M. Hertrich, ETHZ

Reservoir engineering for a heat exchanger in Haute Sorne (PDF, 1.2 MB, low resolution)
P. Meier, Geo-Energie Suisse

Exploration of the Geneva Basin for geothermal resources: An integrated approach with classical and unconventional methods (PDF, 1.7 MB, low resolution)
M. Lupi, UniGE

Progress in the Elegancy-ACT project (PDF, 3.3 MB, low resolution)
A. Zappone, ETHZ

SmallFlex: Demonstrator for flexible small hydropower plants (PDF, 1.5 MB, low resolution)
C. Münch-Alligné, HES-SO

SEDMIX - Controlled fine sediment release through the power waterways by using a mixing device (PDF, 0.8 MB, low resolution)
A. Amini, EPFL

Operation of a complex Alpine hydropower scheme across four decades: Inferring behavior patterns through data science (PDF, 1.6 MB, low resolution)
J. P. Matos, Stucky SA


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