SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2017

Hydropower and Geo-Energy in Switzerland – Challenges and Perspectives

14 and 15 September 2017 in Birmensdorf (ZH), Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL


After a successful start into the SCCER-SoE’s second phase, the recently confirmed revision of the Energy Act comes at the right time. It provides a solid ground for fresh ideas and new developments in hydropower and geo-energy in Switzerland. Besides reflection on these evolutions, the annual conference will present insights into our research highlights, give the floor to views from outside, put a strong emphasis on the project posters, and offer many opportunities for personal exchange.




All posters are collected in the SCCER-SoE Science Report 2017.

The top three posters made by PhD students and awarded by a committee are:

Performance assessment of a new kinetic turbine prototype

Anthony Gaspoz (HES-SO Valais-Wallis), S. Richard, V. Hasmatuchi, N. Brunner, C. Münch-Alligné

Kraftwerk Juchli: Exploitation of Juchli waterfall with a small hydropower plant

Severin Stähly (EPF Lausanne), M. Bienz, G. De Cesare, A. J. Schleiss

Presentations on Thursday (PDF)

SCCER-SoE phase II
Geo-energy: roadmap, status, and transition to phase II
Hydropower: roadmap, status, and transition to phase II
Joint activity: scenario and modeling
Joint activity: regulatory, political, and participatory perspectives of integrated development processes for hydropower and deep geothermal energy
Hydropower: view from the industry
Geo-energies: view from the industry
View from the federal office
Sensitivity of residual load variability to renewables siting and demand response
Modeling of electricity markets and hydropower dispatch
Induced seismicity risk mitigation: an actuarial approach
Development of methods and tools responding to the needs of energy transition: PSI perspective
Outcomes of HYPERBOLE research project

Presentations on Friday (PDF)

Findings from the stimulation experiment in the deep underground laboratory
Petrothermal projects
First results from Geothermie 2020
CCS geological storage pilot
Small hydropower pilot
Controlled fine sediment release
Data management - what else
Robust and flexible design of hydropower under uncertainties
WP 5: results from the complex large hydropower scheme project
Trading off energy production from small hydropower with biodiversity conservation
Fine sediment management at hydropower schemes considering turbine erosion
Challenging onboard measurements in a 100 MW high-head Francis turbine prototype
Integrated simulation of HP system operation
The role of mountain PV and wind installations in a fully renewable Swiss energy world
Harsh environment sensors for geo-energy and water reservoir monitoring
Characteristics of seismic wavefields in fluid-saturated fractured rocks
Rock and fluid thermodynamics control the dynamics of induced earthquakes
Natural thermal convection patterns in deep fracture networks
Quantification of the 3D thermal anomaly in the orogenic geothermal system at Grimsel Pass
Workflow for managing borehole stability
Efficient Finite Element Simulation Methods for Fracture Networks
An immersed boundary method for fluid structure interaction